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Happy new year y’all! I’m making it my goal to start using this blog again, starting with this post! I’ll be writing about programming, game development and game design as well. I feel like it’ll be really beneficial for myself and my understanding of various topics. As well as just gushing about things I’m really passionate about!

As always, thank you for reading!

Dev Log #6 (The Tower)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Dev Log. I wanted to do something with this blog post, and write about something a little different. In all honesty, I didn’t add too much to the game since the last blog post. However, I did add in a new mechanic to the game, it is a healing mechanic that allows the player to heal up to 30 HP five times. We’re not going to focus on the mechanic so much in a game sense, but more so the code and what this little mechanic means to me.

So let’s take a look at the code snippet:

void HealPlayer()
 bool canHeal;

 if (PotionCount <= 0)
 PotionCount = 0;
 canHeal = false;
 if (PlayerHitPoints < 100)
 canHeal = true;
 if (canHeal)
 PotionCount -= 1;
 PlayerHitPoints += PotionHealAmount;
 PlayerHealthBar.value += PotionHealAmount;

 if (PlayerHitPoints > 100)
 PlayerHitPoints = 100;

 canHeal = false;


Now, this isn’t a really complex or complicated function right? It’s just, if these different flags are true or false, then do this thing. And I’m sure there is plenty of better ways and, maybe more efficient ways to write this healing function. However, this is the first piece of code that I can remember in recent memory, that just works. I feel that’s really important to be aware of and deserve a little pat on the back, maybe a little horn toot.

Why this bit of code is so important to me, is because this is the first I’ve noticed my growth as a programmer. I had an idea of how I want to this function to work, had an outline for it, wrote it, and it just worked! That was such a refreshing and morale boosting feeling since (and excuse my language), this shit ain’t easy. That’s what I feel like more young and budding programmers or, even game developers have to be more conscious of when starting out.

Since, I don’t think it’s any secret to anyone, making video games is hard. I’ve read so many times that it’s a miracle that any video game, at all, gets made. And I’m no video game master creator extraordinaire, I mean I only started making games two years ago (and to be honest, don’t think I ever will). The thing is, the only way to get better as a developer and an artist, is to do and make things. That’s why I feel it’s so important to notice these victories and celebrate them, no matter how big or how small, those are the things that are going to keep the wind under your wings and push you to keep making cool shit! So keep making video games!!!

So in conclusion, making games or any piece of art is hard. The only way to become better at anything really, it to just practice and make stuff. It can be really hard though if we don’t notice in ourselves, our own progression and growth. We are our own toughest critic, and sometimes that voice won’t shut the hell up. It’s important however, to remember with ever piece you create, you’ve created something with your own two hands! And that’s always something to be proud of.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time!




Dev Log #5 (The Tower)

wow i’m bad at these

Hey everybody and welcome back to another dev log! So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog and I’ve put in a lot of new stuff into the game. Everything from sound effects to new animations and more visual feedback! So let’s get to it shall we?

Wow it’s almost like a real video game! 

So now every boss has a unique attack animation, as well death and hurt animations. I also added some nicer looking UI elements, some graphical filters, a nice font for the in game text, sound effects, and a bunch of other stuff to fit with the theme of the game.

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I’m really happy with how the project is moving along. It’s shaping up pretty closely to the vision I had for the game and I’m so stoked! I still have a lot of work to do in terms of boss battles and gameplay balancing and I’ve currently hit a small bump in development, but I’m sure I’m going to move pass it.

So to keep the blog alive and these updates going, I’m going to hold myself accountable and updated the blog once a week every friday. So look forward to the next blog post coming this friday! See you there and thanks for reading!


Dev Log #4 (The Tower)

Hey there! Welcome back to another Dev Log for The Tower. So I’ll be real with you guys, I’ve spent most of the time making things look better and doing boring stuff honestly (Touching up animations, getting hitboxes working correctly, fixing up the mesh of the castle, etc.). Not really polishing, more like house cleaning. Anyway, let’s take a look at the current state of the project!

Woah nice graphics!

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I’m really happy with how this is looking. This is my first project that I’ve really put a lot of effort into the visuals of the game, and I feel like it’s very close to the vision I had in mind for the game.

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Here are some interior shots of the castle that the player will be traveling through. After two iterations of the castle, I finally got a mesh that I’m happy with and could keep under control (in terms of vertices and faces). I’m really happy with how everything is coming along!

That’s all for this post! In the next blog post, I’ll show off more of the boss attacks and animations. Stay tuned this week for another Dev Log, and I’ll see you soon!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Log #3 (The Tower)

It’s that time again folks! Welcome back to another Dev Log, I’ve added a bunch of new stuff to the project so let’s get right to it!

An actual environment! Wow!





Although everything looks like it’s from the future, I finally put together a level that I’m happy with! The level itself was redone twice, and this was mainly because the first two just felt like a mess to try to put together. The overall structure of it also felt messy and sloppy, so it took me a few tries but I finally got something that feels right.

Game and Debug Manager:

So as I was putting things together, I realized that I needed a way to keep track of each boss and the current state that they were in (enabled/disabled, alive or dead, etc.). Also, I needed to check the how the actual castle mesh was looking, so I wrote a small debug manager to make my life a little easier.

Game Manager:

This is the main chunk of it:


This is the first part of it. When the player hits a trigger, this script checks from an array of bools that keep track of each boss and depending on which boss, will start the fight.


The block of code that the GM references when the player hits a trigger. In each frame, this script is checking which boss is enabled and sets flags according to which boss is alive.


Debug Manager:


Kind of messy, but it works! This is mainly to just move the player around in the level for testing and checking for holes in the level mesh.

Well that’s all I got for this log, check back in next week for another update! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.

Dev Log #2 (The Tower)

Whew, It’s been a busy weekend. Winding down from helping setup for a wedding to than celebrate said wedding with family, friends, and an open bar (Congrats again Johnny and Jess!). With that being said, it’s time to get back to work! Let’s go through some of the updates I’ve made to the project so far.

One big ol’ level

So one of the biggest changes I’ve made to the game is overall level structure. Rather than having one single level for each boss, I’m creating one big level with different floors that will have each boss on them to fight. This was mainly because I felt like having different levels made the game feel disjointed. I want to have more of a relentless feel to the game, like you’re really fighting your way to the top and it’s going to be a gauntlet.

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These changes are going to require some game balancing however, since currently there is no way for the player to regain any hit points after a boss fight. So I’ll mess around with some ideas and see which works the best.

Friendship ended with Rigidbody, now Character Controller is new best friend


Man, a lot of my general movement issues just disappeared when making the switch to Character Controller. The biggest one being that my player character can now ascend upwards and has gravity applied to him. So now I can mess around with some more ideas for the level since the physics aren’t all busted.  For example, I wanted to try including hazards in the game to add another layer of challenge for the player to have to deal with while fighting bosses, but that’s just an idea.

Well that’s all the updates I have for you guys today, stay tuned for more blog posts coming out this week. Thanks for reading!

Dev Logs #1 (The Tower)

Welcome to the first ever blog post for my website! (Insert party horn here.)


The last few days I’ve been finishing up the assets and animations for the bosses that will appear in the game. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out for the most part!

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Today, however, I hit a wall with the project that had me scratching my head, and asking Unity to cooperate with me. This all started with a Unity update, I had to re-import my character models because the method I was using for animations no longer worked with animation controllers. So I had to redo my player and 1st boss prefabs in order for that to start working again.

For the life of me, I could not understand why my damage collision code wasn’t working for my player, I had made no changes to the code or anything like that, so what the hell was going on? Turns out, I just made a typo, and that’s why it wasn’t working.

…you could imagine the equal parts relief and frustration I felt.


Well good news is that, everything is working as it should, and I can move on to the next three bosses! Hooray for me!

Thanks for reading this entry! I’ll try to write these things every day as I make more progress with The Tower. See you soon!