Dev Log #3 (The Tower)

It’s that time again folks! Welcome back to another Dev Log, I’ve added a bunch of new stuff to the project so let’s get right to it!

An actual environment! Wow!





Although everything looks like it’s from the future, I finally put together a level that I’m happy with! The level itself was redone twice, and this was mainly because the first two just felt like a mess to try to put together. The overall structure of it also felt messy and sloppy, so it took me a few tries but I finally got something that feels right.

Game and Debug Manager:

So as I was putting things together, I realized that I needed a way to keep track of each boss and the current state that they were in (enabled/disabled, alive or dead, etc.). Also, I needed to check the how the actual castle mesh was looking, so I wrote a small debug manager to make my life a little easier.

Game Manager:

This is the main chunk of it:


This is the first part of it. When the player hits a trigger, this script checks from an array of bools that keep track of each boss and depending on which boss, will start the fight.


The block of code that the GM references when the player hits a trigger. In each frame, this script is checking which boss is enabled and sets flags according to which boss is alive.


Debug Manager:


Kind of messy, but it works! This is mainly to just move the player around in the level for testing and checking for holes in the level mesh.

Well that’s all I got for this log, check back in next week for another update! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.

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