Dev Log #2 (The Tower)

Whew, It’s been a busy weekend. Winding down from helping setup for a wedding to than celebrate said wedding with family, friends, and an open bar (Congrats again Johnny and Jess!). With that being said, it’s time to get back to work! Let’s go through some of the updates I’ve made to the project so far.

One big ol’ level

So one of the biggest changes I’ve made to the game is overall level structure. Rather than having one single level for each boss, I’m creating one big level with different floors that will have each boss on them to fight. This was mainly because I felt like having different levels made the game feel disjointed. I want to have more of a relentless feel to the game, like you’re really fighting your way to the top and it’s going to be a gauntlet.

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These changes are going to require some game balancing however, since currently there is no way for the player to regain any hit points after a boss fight. So I’ll mess around with some ideas and see which works the best.

Friendship ended with Rigidbody, now Character Controller is new best friend


Man, a lot of my general movement issues just disappeared when making the switch to Character Controller. The biggest one being that my player character can now ascend upwards and has gravity applied to him. So now I can mess around with some more ideas for the level since the physics aren’t all busted.  For example, I wanted to try including hazards in the game to add another layer of challenge for the player to have to deal with while fighting bosses, but that’s just an idea.

Well that’s all the updates I have for you guys today, stay tuned for more blog posts coming out this week. Thanks for reading!

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